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Greetings Earthlings!

I welcome you all to yet another edition of HI5 mondays where I curate my life’s mundane and crazy! 😀 My week alternated between awesome and bomb diggity which should hopefully help sustain me through this week. Here’s what I accomplished(whew!)

1. Summer is finally here though – which means whites, sunnies, incessant grumbling about sweating and going crazy with your phone’s filters:P 2015-06-08 17.10.05

2. Ice cones with cloyingly sweet syrup? Sign meee upp!!IMG-20150606-WA00063. Since I already have a natural tan( :P) I do not need any more of that shiz! Slathering on the sunscreen without looking like a freshly used wok is hardddddd which is why I love this tinted matte version from Cotz! 🙂 4. I have no idea who has been asking time to fly around in a jet but around this time last year I was in India getting married! 😀 Also I had such looooonngg hair!! Pardon me while I drown my sorrows in a tub of yoghurt and sigh woefully at my lob!  IMG_1449-15. I am usually too lazy to make rotis/naan from scratch. I just buy them from the frozen aisle and do the heating routine!  But I see the appeal in making them fresh 🙂 Plus spilt flour is sooo much fun to clean up 😛 IMG-20150607-WA0000Hope all of you have a great week ahead! 😀 Smile away!