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If you thought mondays were the worst, try having a birthday on monday where you are expected to show up at work 😐 Like turning a year older weren’t sucky enough! Anyyyywaaaayyy at least there’s cake??! ;P Here’s last week’s top five! 🙂

1. Joined a kickboxing class last week 😀 Is that a clap of thunder I hear? 😛 20150615_1932192. What happens when your supermarket has great deals on tofu dogs?? We make a boatload of veggie hash! 😀 20150620_2211463. I donated/threw a bunch of skincare/ make up stuff to the garbage gods!  Finally I am happy to report that the mess is now not as bad! 😀 20150621_1854144. Whatever the green thumb is, it eludes me, the only plants that survive in my household are cactii lol but am going to try my luck with these african violets! 20150621_1856435. Not a burger person because frankly there’s one sad excuse of a veggie burger at most places but MY HOUSE burgers, sheepsheadbay had a really great black bean avacado burger!!! GOOOO! PS: I accept birthday presents in comments and likes! 😀 Have a superb weeek fellas!