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A crisp white shirt, a pair of white khakis, a spotless white tee, an elegant white sundress… these things sound so appealing on paper but when I try on something white it goes all magnifying class on me! 😉 ( doesnt help one bit that I am that klutz who will spill a bowl of salsa on myself the day I wear something new/white/light )What do I say except I like hiding behind a black cloud but unfortunately some days are not worth all the sweat to look a little more slimmer. I decided to dive in and embrace my inner polar bear by pairing a white tee with a pouffy patterned skirt balanced out with some neutral accessories! 🙂 I think I will pack this outfit for my yet-to-even-begin-saving-for european vacation 😛 What do you think? IMG_5854 IMG_5857 IMG-20150606-WA0005