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Hi Hello Howdy!

Honestly mondays should be optional but since that is NEVER going to happen, we shall make smiling through the day compulsory! 😀 At least us folks in the USA will have a long weekend so that’s something? 😉 Here’s my high Five from last week 🙂

1. Made some home made pound cake to have with my non existent coffee 20150624_2152102. Look who I saw on the way to work! 3. Just finished reading this book by Junot Diaz!! I struggled with trying to understand the spanish but that’s what google translate is for 😛 4. A quick trip to Florida… on work! Trust me one day it shall be for leisure only!! 20150625_1133375. Hands down the best taco salad I have eaten thus far.. please head to Tacquitos Mexico for your fill! 20150626_194940Have a fabulous week ahead. BE HAPPY AND SMILE!