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Heyloooo Everyone!

How is the monday treating you so far? It’s funny how I want a holiday after a three day weekend but that could totally be the lack of breakfast talking 😛 I had a wonderful time doing what I do best – eating, lazing around, and eating some more 😛 Here’s my Hi5 from last week

1. Hiking on bear mountain!!! Who knew there were such scenic places so close to the city. Highly recommend. 2. Strawberry Almond concrete with blondie pieces from shakeshack!!! See you in heaven 😛 20150626_1702563. I was wondering if I should paint my nails a tangerine or a hot pink and then decided why not both? 😉 20150704_1801114. Caught a show at comedy cellar! I cannot tell you how much fun this was! 🙂 5. Made some protein patties with granulated soy and veggies! Stay full my friends! 🙂 20150705_135617Have a crazy week ahead and I mean the good kind of crazy!:D