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I am not entirely sure how many posts my blue obsession is going to take up( probably as many blue clothes as I own:P) but please cheer me from the sidelines until I get over this phase 😀 In today’s post,my W____I____DE legged palazzo pants shall take center stage! Who ever came up with these needs a medal for making this so utterly comfortable and also a good talking down for creating a terribly unflattering silhouette especially if you choose to skip your wedges (which I totally did)!:P I paired it with a white tee (aka bane of my laundering existence) and some silver jewelry! Bonus: I had fun pretending I was wearing a maxi skirt with pockets:D Now if that doesn’t convince you to buy a pair I don’t know what will 😉 Namaste!! 😛 20150627_143252 20150627_143258 20150627_144606