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IMG_6167sI have no idea why pants even exist….. FINE I would need them for winter but for those hot and humid summers? No sir! 😛 Frankly they are a hassle to wear especially post lunch when I feel the overwhelming need to undo my button at work so my stomach doesn’t feel like it has a noose around it 😀 I, however make an exception to lounge pants which you can now wear in public and be considered “with it” ;). Anyhooo I love this black pair which I can wear with a casual raglan tee and flats to work (without worrying about indecent exposure, courtesy an undone pant button :P) and also just add a sparkly neck piece and pumps to take it into the night( ahem, most nights to me means netflix and licking the last of cheeto dust but I digress). Dress without the stress… And that folks is how you elevate a lounge pant! 😀 Have a wonderful thursday!IMG_6166 IMG_6174IMG_6173