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Hi Everyone!

I put my excuse on the title just so you keep your expectations realistic when it comes to me 😛 But on a more serious note, I was traveling on work last week and had a lot to catch up over the weekend(sleep) and monday(work) and hence the Hi5 Tuesdays post! Here’s what went down last week 🙂

  1. The weather is already getting cooler and for those chilly nights, there’s tofu dog chili and endless netflix 😀20150919_160744_resized
  2. Lilac nails that cling on to the last few days of summer 😛20150921_093041_resized
  3. Meet my new fragrance friend from Nina Ricci20150921_175433_resized
  4. Custard Apple Kulfi( The indian icecream ) for the sweet tooth20150912_193744_resized
  5. A 3″ trim for my hair thats growing at jet speed but simply refuses to grow thicker! Sigh 😛Photo on 2015-09-21 at 17.09 #2Happy tuesday! And enjoy the rest of the week with an ice cream or two 🙂