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Hello Everyone!
I hit the snooze button 3 times today before I decided I had no plausible excuse to give to miss work or show up late! Typical monday! 😛 I don’t want to speak to soon but the weather in NY has been surprisingly great for November so thats some consolation 🙂 Here’s my Hi5 from last week
  1.  Tried my hand at making kati rolls( The skinny indian burrito). Turned out to be surprisingly tasty and filling! 🙂IMG_6335
  2. My mom sent me this picture last week and now I want to see my brother! 😐IMG-20151025-WA0004_resized
  3. How did I not know there were exfoliating cotton rounds? My nose is thanking me 😀
  4. Just started on this one! Typical King gore! 🙂
  5. Had this amazing salad at Kobeyaki! Even the biggest tofu hater would eat this stuff by the pound! :OEnjoy your week! Wish all my indian readers a very happy DIWALI 😀 Send me some sweets someone 😛