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Hello Everyone!

Remember I kept telling you I was swamped with everything going on and couldn’t write as much as I’d like and all of you thought I was making it up? πŸ˜› Turns out I was busy packing the past five years of my life into little suitcases to be hauled and taken across the the country to Texas! Thats right.. I am not going to be chasing yellow cabs anymore! ( Sigh!) 😦I spent the major portion of my 20s in New York. The opportunity to be at the center of it all, so to speak was life changing. It has taught me to adult – to function as a self sufficient unit, to be brave and push myself to reach where I never thought possible, to make $10 meals, manage my money and to shovel my own snow πŸ˜› But all these come at a price – you also get cynical, numb, unfeeling and a little bit of a bitter meanie in the process. A bit of a broke meanie too πŸ˜› So maybe I am getting out just in time? I know I sound a little too cheerful for someoneΒ who just left the only home I’ve known in the US but now I get to live in a house that has it’sΒ own laundry :P( Ah! The first taste of the american dream ;)) Really though, I will continue to travel to NYC on work all the time so there’s no sad good byes really!

There’s going to be highs and lows as I transition but I really look forward to this journey πŸ™‚Β Β I hope you’ll will continue to read and support me as usual. Have a wonderful week πŸ˜€

PS: Here are a few images from my 1st year in NYC for your eyes only πŸ™‚