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Hope all of your survived your monday, got done with your tuesday, chop – chop-ed your wednesday and breezed through today. An ear infection has been messing with my blogging but I decided I shall not be deterred this week. Here’s my Hi5 from the previous one 😀

  1. Prat sent me a recipe for sweet paratha stuffed with almonds, brown sugar and cinnamon. Talk about subtle hints and I managed to get them right the first time 😀IMG_0434
  2. Got around to semi – arranging the pantry. MORE SPACE.. MORE FOOD!IMG_05823. This happened! 😛 IMG_03284. My newest found pass time. Doodling on the sketches app on my ipad. It is such a great way to unwind 😀 unnamed5. Had this amazing grilled paneer bowl at Pirees. So satiating! IMG_0384One more day until we get to do nothing! MAKE THE MOST OF IT 🙂