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Hello World,

Prat and I managed a coup of sorts when we matched our “holiday” schedules at our respective jobs and managed to take off to New Orleans( WE’VE BEEN WANTING TO GO FOREVER) on a mini holiday last week! 😀 We winged the whole trip (courtesy: google) – In fact, we didn’t even have hotel reservations until we actually needed to find a place to sleep :P… ….sometimes impulsive decisions are the best decisions!! Here’s my top 5 from the big easy vacation 🙂

1.THE ARCHITECTURE & HISTORY – You can spend hours in the french quarter looking at houses and wondering how each one looks so unique.  Totally charming and the best part – you can walk everywhere! ( If you dont pass out from the heat) 2. FOOD – As vegetarians, I thought we’d hit a wall here but I was wrong. From vegetarian gumbo,jambalaya, to po boys, beignets and tofu dogs, we ate some of the best food here. I would recommend Seed, El Gato Negro, Jimmy Js and a customary visit to Cafe Du Monde!FOOD3. MUSIC, THE FESTIVITIES THE SPIRIT! Every bar on frenchman street plays great jazz and there are musicians/artists on most corners of the french quarter! The trees along the streets are choc full of Mardi Gras beads from all the million parades that happen every year! IMG_18004. THE GATORS. A swamp tour to see these guys up close is just what we needed! IMG_18815. Finally, In the true spirit of Mardi Gras, I will leave you’ll with this! 😛 IMG_1651Have a wonderful week everyone! 😀