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Three day weekend! You think I’d be refreshed and ready to take on the week… WRONG I am homesick and want to go see my parents but winning the lottery is more likely to happen at this point 😛 Here’s how I slayeeeedd the weeek!

  1. We had an indian festival on monday called ganesh chaturthi and yours truly tried to be ambitious and cook a spread!img_2641
  2. Some Texas drivers apparently serve road rage with a side of douche! img_2315
  3. Best mexican food this side of town at Cafe Chavez!img_2542
  4. Pre halloween meet with the coven! But seriously how is it halloween already?? What did I do this year apart from nothing??img_2667
  5. I put this on everything!!! The beginning and end of surviving the summer. Enjoy whats left of the week and while I enjoy whats left of the cake in the refrigerator 😀 😛