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I seldom post on a sunday because am too busy warding off monday blues 😛 , but this week was different. I was in such an upbeat mood the entire time awaiting the weekend for Deepavali (one of my favorite festivals of all time) + halloween( which I refuse to outgrow)! In fact I did so many things over the week it simply wasn’t enough to cram it all in one post:D So here’s part 1 of Diwalloween and part 2 to follow tomorrow.

  1. The new clothes( Courtesy: 2 sets of parents from home)made up for the lack of crackers( barely though). Good news is I can still wear a sari without becoming a human pretzel! 😛fullsizerender_1 img_35072. This was the first time I tried making all these indian goodies so I started earlier this week to make sure I had enough time. Big mistake…. We polished off most of the snacks and I had to make some more this weekend 😉 NOM NOM NOM! f3. Deepavali literally translates to festival of lights…. so we decided now was a good time to put up lights on our patio. img_35914. We visited the temple after a while! This picture could have literally been in Chennai and no one would know! 😀 I misss hommmeeeeeeimg_35255. More food!?? Went all out with my Diwali breakfast spread and skipped lunch! NOW IF THAT ISNT THE WAY TO LIVE!?? 😀img_3493HAPPY DEEPAVALI/ DIWALI EVERYONE! 😀 Hide your weighing scaleeesssss!! 🙂