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Ahhh….Hi5 Monday, my old trusted friend!!  You always come to my rescue when I have too much to write and nothing to write somehow. Let’s jump right in!

  1. A trip to the temple after ages! It was just good to get out.


2.  It was just good to get out. We did a thing and moved into a new place in May ( In the middle of the pandemic with a baby no less. I guess we were convinced we could take on more? ) Anyway bigger home means more space but also more messes and more work. Lawn work somehow is relaxing… FOR NOW!


3. Staying indoors means eating…. lots of it. Deep dish pizza for date night ( on the couch 😛 )


4. Staying indoors also means a lot of online shopping. I highly recommend Ruggable if you have pets, kids or you are a general klutz 😉 No more breakouts when my son decides to smear some marinara on the rug 😀


Have a terrific week ahead and yes one more slice of pizza is allowed 😀