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No no you are on the right blog! It’s just that with the pandemic, I spend a lot more time ( read: all) at home and have been working on small projects to not get crazy. Depending on if I can keep up, I may do a regular DIY section 😀

So we had an old and subtly stained (thanks son!) cream Ikea rug which we carted when we moved. Our entryway needed a rug and I did not want to add one more rug to the 1000 we already have in the rug barn that is our home, so I decided to breathe some new life into the old one. I wish I had taken a picture prior to drawing on it but hey hindsight is 20/20. I used fabric markers and kept the pattern simple in line with out southwestern/ boho aesthetic. TA DAA!! One less rug in the landfill.