Hi5 Mondays: Sleepless in Seattle


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Hi Everyone,

It’s December already?? I must have dozed off on the 2016 ride because I HAVE NO IDEA HOW WE GOT HERE SO QUICK! 😛 Anyway this monday is not bad at all since I am recently back from a 10 day working vacation(I have no idea how anyone gets anything done with weather like that) from Seattle! Since we were staying right in the middle of the city, everything was so accessible by foot and we managed to do most of the touristy things – The needle, the Chihuly glass museum, downtown aquarium and the zoo among others. So barring the usual suspects, here’s my TOP 5 from Seattle as a tourist.

  1. Washington is a beautiful state! Since this is my first taste of the west coast( I have been to LA on work but that doesn’t count) I realize I could be gushing, but it is such a different kind of beauty. We also took a few road trips, including to Portland and the drive was just gorgeous.  Highly recommend the gasworks park for the views of seattle, the drive to bridal veil and Multnomah falls! 2. This was my favorite place in Seattle.  You could spend hours in the farmers market checking out everything from produce to vintage posters. Please do not miss going to Ellenos for some greek yogurt and pick up some piroshkys. 3.  I have discovered the world of board games on this trip; the fact that most coffee shops had stacks of games had me mildly fascinated. Go play at the Mox! And then stop for an improv show at Unexpected productions or reserve well ahead and go see a jazz performance at Dimitriou’s. img_40564. The YSL exhibit at the Seattle art museum was an unexpected bonus, like finding a $20 INTACT in the pocket of your freshly laundered pants! 😛 Was a phenomenal exhibit and so worth your time and ticket! img_40705. FAMILY!! Prat’s brother was a great host and we thoroughly enjoyed everything he had planned for us. It always helps when you have an insider who can let you in on the best parts of the city. img_4129Weirdly, houston’s behaving like Seattle all week, so I will sleep walk through rest of the day and hope that all of us get out of this week unscathed! HAPPY MONDAY 😀



Keeping the blues at bay!


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I have only semi-recovered from the election circus… let’s not even talk about the repercussions; all I know is I just cannot deal with the possibility of packing right now( and heading home). Getting out in half-decent clothes is too much of a task, so here’s one from a while back when we were at galveston and FAR AWAY FROM THE ELECTION… ! :D:|img_7376 img_7349 img_7405

Hi5 Mondays: Diwalloween part 2


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For part 2 of Hi5 Mondays, I am simply going to let these pictures do the talking and keep it brief! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EARTHLINGS!! 🙂

We spent some time decorating our home for the occasion! 😀 img_3317d1Played with make up that literally looked like a paint palette! img_3628img_3603Zombified ourselves for the Montrose Crawl! He was a zombie chef and I was a zombie child:P if it wasn’t obvious enough. img_3604img_3569And finally all the candy eating and giving 😛 The constant line of kids trick or treating completed the day! img_3627Now I shall go back to counting down to the next fun holiday! Have a wonderful week! 😀

Hi5 Mondays: Diwalloween – part 1


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I seldom post on a sunday because am too busy warding off monday blues 😛 , but this week was different. I was in such an upbeat mood the entire time awaiting the weekend for Deepavali (one of my favorite festivals of all time) + halloween( which I refuse to outgrow)! In fact I did so many things over the week it simply wasn’t enough to cram it all in one post:D So here’s part 1 of Diwalloween and part 2 to follow tomorrow.

  1. The new clothes( Courtesy: 2 sets of parents from home)made up for the lack of crackers( barely though). Good news is I can still wear a sari without becoming a human pretzel! 😛fullsizerender_1 img_35072. This was the first time I tried making all these indian goodies so I started earlier this week to make sure I had enough time. Big mistake…. We polished off most of the snacks and I had to make some more this weekend 😉 NOM NOM NOM! f3. Deepavali literally translates to festival of lights…. so we decided now was a good time to put up lights on our patio. img_35914. We visited the temple after a while! This picture could have literally been in Chennai and no one would know! 😀 I misss hommmeeeeeeimg_35255. More food!?? Went all out with my Diwali breakfast spread and skipped lunch! NOW IF THAT ISNT THE WAY TO LIVE!?? 😀img_3493HAPPY DEEPAVALI/ DIWALI EVERYONE! 😀 Hide your weighing scaleeesssss!! 🙂



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When a little black dress is too mainstream, this is what you need – black, sleek and all legs 😀 A flattering jumpsuit was an oxymoron until I met this one. Just add some XL sized fringe earrings, swipe on some nars jungle red …. the night is young! ( Let’s not think about the fact that it is a monday alright!) 😀 fullsizerender-kopie

Hi5 Mondays: New York Called


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I spent most of our previous week in New York on my feet, enjoying the amazing weather while working, imagine that 😛 ! After having lived there for over 4 years it was weird being a one of the million tourists jostling along the side walk but hey no complaints! 🙂 Here’s my top 5 from NYC!

  1. Was fun recreating my old NY 150 sq ft living situation by staying at this pod at Yotel, but in Manhattan so I guess I traded up ? 😛 img_32812. Hanging out at the beach like good ol’ times! 😀 We also went back to the brooklyn bridge and a bunch of other places around the city! img_32823. Went to a jazz performance at Smalls! Highly recommended! img_32834. There are some places we don’t have around in Houston which we dearly miss and MUJI is one of them! img_32845. All the foooood – from the halal cart falafels, cheese fries at shake shack,  a slice from artichocke, cold vermicelli bowl at Saigon Shack…. I guess I over compensated for all the walking! 😀img_3286Have a wonderful week!


Hi5 Mondays: Golu & other stories!


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Hello Guys,

Been a while since I hi5ed! So this week’s edition is going to be a little all over the place so please bear with me! 🙂 I want to wish all my Indian readers a happy Navarathri. This was one of my favorite times of the year back home – arranging  and creating elaborate scenes featuring my favorite dolls and insisting that the string lights be on all day, much to my mom’s annoyance 😉

Due to lack of space, dolls and patience I was unable to do this for the last few years but since I don’t have any of the above excuses now I TRIED this time. Next year we will be more prepared with a legit padi as opposed to a bookshelf 😛img_30212. Obviously this also means dressing the part!fullsizerender3. Went on a 4 day trip to New York on work for a show at the Javits! How does a place change so much in a few months? You tell me! 4. Took a drive into the natural bridge wildlife ranch. Among other things we took a video of a zebra slobbering all over our car window but obviously you get to see this quite guy instead 😀5. Kuzhipaniyarams are so easy to make, provided you have the pan. Now I do! 😛img_2900Have a wonderful week! Eat well my friends 🙂




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I found this floral dress on a rack at H&M some place and liked the fact that some designer had thought to put 2 pleats below the waist to accommodate a burrito belly! 😛  Its not the most flattering dress per say but the fact that you don’t need to wear spanx or have a salad for lunch makes me really warm up to it! I may have gone a little over board with the earrings but but but YOLO or something?! 😀 Happy Fringed Floral Friday Folks!

img_1916img_1914 img_1915