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Hello Earthlings,

I find this monday mildly tolerable. How you ask? Well the next monday is memorial day which means… an extended weekend 😉 So yay to that! While am happily planning to do a bunch of things then, here’s what I did last week 😀

1. Baked my first peach cobbler with much success 😀 Delicious gooey goodness this way.2. I wish I could say I have thick voluminous hair but no I don’t…:D With fine, straight hair I have to contend with it looking limp if I fail to wash it every two days, so skeptical-me decided to buy my first dry shampoo. Now am happy I can sneak in some extra minutes sleeping as opposed to shampooing 😛3. Wolfed down a delicious asian “thali” meal at Cafe Tibet tibet4. Helped Prat arrange his wardrobe.. no I am kidding.. he’s super man and needs no help, I merely watched him do it 😛 WP_20130518_0035. Been watching back to back episodes of Parks and Recreation. Addictive stuff 🙂 Amy Poehler is awesome.. but Aziz Ansari is THE best 😀 Here’s wishing you’ll a Happy Happy WEEK! 😀