Hi5 Mondays: The Big Easy Vacation!


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Hello World,

Prat and I managed a coup of sorts when we matched our “holiday” schedules at our respective jobs and managed to take off to New Orleans( WE’VE BEEN WANTING TO GO FOREVER) on a mini holiday last week!😀 We winged the whole trip (courtesy: google) – In fact, we didn’t even have hotel reservations until we actually needed to find a place to sleep :P… ….sometimes impulsive decisions are the best decisions!! Here’s my top 5 from the big easy vacation :)

1.THE ARCHITECTURE & HISTORY – You can spend hours in the french quarter looking at houses and wondering how each one looks so unique.  Totally charming and the best part – you can walk everywhere! ( If you dont pass out from the heat) 2. FOOD – As vegetarians, I thought we’d hit a wall here but I was wrong. From vegetarian gumbo,jambalaya, to po boys, beignets and tofu dogs, we ate some of the best food here. I would recommend Seed, El Gato Negro, Jimmy Js and a customary visit to Cafe Du Monde!FOOD3. MUSIC, THE FESTIVITIES THE SPIRIT! Every bar on frenchman street plays great jazz and there are musicians/artists on most corners of the french quarter! The trees along the streets are choc full of Mardi Gras beads from all the million parades that happen every year! IMG_18004. THE GATORS. A swamp tour to see these guys up close is just what we needed! IMG_18815. Finally, In the true spirit of Mardi Gras, I will leave you’ll with this! :P IMG_1651Have a wonderful week everyone!😀

Doing Greyt!


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Hello Everybody,

Just when you thought I was gone for good, I rise again from the ashes of my laziness!😉 Honestly though, I had a knee injury from being over enthusiastic at my cross fit class and that kind of knocked me out of my regular routine. Also having a brace on somehow does not make for very good pictures!😛 So after a long break… Here’s a post of me doing Greyyyyt!:) I PROMISE TO WRITE MORE!IMG_1260IMG_1284 IMG_1285





Oversized Only!


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As much as I love tailored stuff, balmy summers call for a light weight over sized shirt. I admit that I shop the mens section more than I shouldB:P  The shirts hit the right length and provide the appropriate amount of “shapelessness” :)If I cannot do that I simply allow myself to rummage through the husband’s closet and pull out a shirt like this one….A powder blue shirt paired with denim and some heels to dress it up. Not too shabby huh? :D IMG_0698 IMG_0693 IMG_0697

HI5 Mondays: with a side of cheese!


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Today is a multiple cups of coffee kind of a day for me😛 A great way to get through today would be to look back on some fun things I did the last week. So lets Hi5 away!!

  1. What happens when your fridge has some diary products close to their expiry date? You whip up a corn au gratinIMG_0827 2. Potted these for Prat’s office desk:)IMG_06613. Test riding a bike and looking like a mini – human while at it :P IMG_08334.  Batman Vs Superman – best thing about the movie? Gal Gadot! IMG_08325. Ethiopian food at Addis Ababa! Eating with your hands just makes it so much better :) IMG_0688Have a wonderful week ahead. THIS TOO SHALL PASS😀




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I was so waiting for monday ……said nobody ever!😛 To celebrate this sentiment, I thought I could make a “captain obvious” post about how I feel…. like a ZOMBIE!! :P The key to wearing a pullover that is two size too big for you, is to make sure you wear something a lot more fitted underneath.(especially if you choose to accessorize with under eye bags and a groggy face :P) Add in some sheer mesh paneling and you actually look a little more “with it” than you feel! FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT PEOPLE:) Enjoy the week ahead! IMG_0420 IMG_0421 IMG_0413

Hi5 Mondays: Taking work outdoors and spring cleaning


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Hello World!

Spring is here( and so is pollen) !😀 We spent yesterday deep cleaning the house and rewarding ourselves with some much-needed take out:) In other matters, since I post once a week, I decided that not all of it has to be Hi5 Mondays.. so we’ll have Hi5 Mondays every other week interspersed with a style / other post so all of us are entertained enough😛 If you want to see anything else, please let me know in the comments. Onto the week that went by:)

  1. Egg drop soup for those chilly evenings( yes believe me when I say it does get chilly sometimes here :P) IMG_0595
  2. Practicing my hair styling skills on the husband! Soon Ill be trying crazy braids B)IMG_0638
  3. Now that we have out door furnitrue, good weather means taking your work outdoors and making the most of it😀 IMG_0660
  4. Who buys a bar cart when they haven’t bought a couch or a table yet? The P family – purveyor of stuff that looks fine but not really necessary :P IMG_0663
  5. Anyone else doing the whole spring cleaning thing in their free time instead of watching tv and chilling might find this list helpful:)Have a wonderful week ahead. Breathe:)




Hi5 Mon.. Erm Thursdays : Food & Doodles!


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Hope all of your survived your monday, got done with your tuesday, chop – chop-ed your wednesday and breezed through today. An ear infection has been messing with my blogging but I decided I shall not be deterred this week. Here’s my Hi5 from the previous one😀

  1. Prat sent me a recipe for sweet paratha stuffed with almonds, brown sugar and cinnamon. Talk about subtle hints and I managed to get them right the first time😀IMG_0434
  2. Got around to semi – arranging the pantry. MORE SPACE.. MORE FOOD!IMG_05823. This happened! :P IMG_03284. My newest found pass time. Doodling on the sketches app on my ipad. It is such a great way to unwind :D unnamed5. Had this amazing grilled paneer bowl at Pirees. So satiating! IMG_0384One more day until we get to do nothing! MAKE THE MOST OF IT:)

His & Hers: Blue Chambray :)


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Reasons for today’s post😀

1. I miss my long hair

2.  I enjoyed the accidental matching that happened when both Prat and I ended up wearing chambray.

3. Shapeless sack shifts are my JAM!!

4. Houston weather needed a jacket and that needed to be documented FOR SCIENCEEEE!😛

IMG_0081 IMG_0083 IMG_0079IMG_0492Have a wonderful weekend and maybe go match your clothes with your partner/sibling/ imaginary twin/upholstery?😀


Hi5 Mondays: Turning 4 & other stories


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Happy monday you guys!:)

I am sure it isn’t easy dragging yourself to work after a weekend, much less a valentine’s day weekend so pat yourself on the back for that. Me, I am at Vegas on work so I guess I deserve a double pat?😛 Anyway here’s what happened with the week that went by!

  1. My blog turned 4!:) I know I have been so erratic lately but this is such a big achievement for someone who has the attention span of a kid in a to store so I am glad I kept up :) 2. In case you were wondering what we were upto for V day. I wore this sweatshirt, headed to lunch with Prat and then to the airport :P v3. Making pizza at home is a great bonding activity you guys! :) IMG_0253 (1)3. My broccoli plant is doing its own thing:) I am so excited to see how this will turn out. IMG_02254. Went to Anthropologie and Prat suddenly thought we should pick up these candles! So now we are officially candle connoisseurs :P 5. A sedentary lifestyle and a work from home job is not the best combination when you have a well stocked pantry😛 So I finally got on the fitness tracker bandwagon thanks to a gift from Prat! This feels weirdly good and obsessive B)

Have a wonderful week. Stay warm/chill. YOU DO YOU !:)


Hi5 Mondays: Hello from Houston!


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Hellllooo Everyone,

After over a month and a half of silence, guess who’s back?😀 Phew I guess while I dealing with my umpteen boxes and trying to make the new place suitable for human inhabitation, I must have totally missed looking at a calendar😛 Anyway its great to be back and I do hope some of you are still interested in hearing my tales from this side of the country😀 So let’s begin the first Hi5 Mondays post for 2016 with a little about what I have been upto while I went missing

  1. Still getting used to a “work in progress” home office.Working in your PJs are great, but working random night hours not so much. But no complaints:)IMG_00222. I finally get to have SPACE, which means I also have a tiny patio where I can put my non existent gardening skills to work :D IMG_00603. Legit counter space means more space for cooking, baking and everything in between:) Just made this batch of cheddar biscuits.IMG_03924. Every weekend is at-home spa weekend😀IMG_00925. And finally, I am getting used to the fact that I HAVE A HUSBAND😛IMG_0089Have a fantastic week ahead! Remember to live a little😀




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