Oversized Only!


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As much as I love tailored stuff, balmy summers call for a light weight over sized shirt. I admit that I shop the mens section more than I shouldB:P  The shirts hit the right length and provide the appropriate amount of “shapelessness” :)If I cannot do that I simply allow myself to rummage through the husband’s closet and pull out a shirt like this one….A powder blue shirt paired with denim and some heels to dress it up. Not too shabby huh? :D IMG_0698 IMG_0693 IMG_0697

HI5 Mondays: with a side of cheese!


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Today is a multiple cups of coffee kind of a day for me😛 A great way to get through today would be to look back on some fun things I did the last week. So lets Hi5 away!!

  1. What happens when your fridge has some diary products close to their expiry date? You whip up a corn au gratinIMG_0827 2. Potted these for Prat’s office desk:)IMG_06613. Test riding a bike and looking like a mini – human while at it :P IMG_08334.  Batman Vs Superman – best thing about the movie? Gal Gadot! IMG_08325. Ethiopian food at Addis Ababa! Eating with your hands just makes it so much better :) IMG_0688Have a wonderful week ahead. THIS TOO SHALL PASS😀




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I was so waiting for monday ……said nobody ever!😛 To celebrate this sentiment, I thought I could make a “captain obvious” post about how I feel…. like a ZOMBIE!! :P The key to wearing a pullover that is two size too big for you, is to make sure you wear something a lot more fitted underneath.(especially if you choose to accessorize with under eye bags and a groggy face :P) Add in some sheer mesh paneling and you actually look a little more “with it” than you feel! FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT PEOPLE:) Enjoy the week ahead! IMG_0420 IMG_0421 IMG_0413

Hi5 Mondays: Taking work outdoors and spring cleaning


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Hello World!

Spring is here( and so is pollen) !😀 We spent yesterday deep cleaning the house and rewarding ourselves with some much-needed take out:) In other matters, since I post once a week, I decided that not all of it has to be Hi5 Mondays.. so we’ll have Hi5 Mondays every other week interspersed with a style / other post so all of us are entertained enough😛 If you want to see anything else, please let me know in the comments. Onto the week that went by:)

  1. Egg drop soup for those chilly evenings( yes believe me when I say it does get chilly sometimes here :P) IMG_0595
  2. Practicing my hair styling skills on the husband! Soon Ill be trying crazy braids B)IMG_0638
  3. Now that we have out door furnitrue, good weather means taking your work outdoors and making the most of it😀 IMG_0660
  4. Who buys a bar cart when they haven’t bought a couch or a table yet? The P family – purveyor of stuff that looks fine but not really necessary :P IMG_0663
  5. Anyone else doing the whole spring cleaning thing in their free time instead of watching tv and chilling might find this list helpful:)Have a wonderful week ahead. Breathe:)




Hi5 Mon.. Erm Thursdays : Food & Doodles!


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Hope all of your survived your monday, got done with your tuesday, chop – chop-ed your wednesday and breezed through today. An ear infection has been messing with my blogging but I decided I shall not be deterred this week. Here’s my Hi5 from the previous one😀

  1. Prat sent me a recipe for sweet paratha stuffed with almonds, brown sugar and cinnamon. Talk about subtle hints and I managed to get them right the first time😀IMG_0434
  2. Got around to semi – arranging the pantry. MORE SPACE.. MORE FOOD!IMG_05823. This happened! :P IMG_03284. My newest found pass time. Doodling on the sketches app on my ipad. It is such a great way to unwind :D unnamed5. Had this amazing grilled paneer bowl at Pirees. So satiating! IMG_0384One more day until we get to do nothing! MAKE THE MOST OF IT:)

His & Hers: Blue Chambray :)


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Reasons for today’s post😀

1. I miss my long hair

2.  I enjoyed the accidental matching that happened when both Prat and I ended up wearing chambray.

3. Shapeless sack shifts are my JAM!!

4. Houston weather needed a jacket and that needed to be documented FOR SCIENCEEEE!😛

IMG_0081 IMG_0083 IMG_0079IMG_0492Have a wonderful weekend and maybe go match your clothes with your partner/sibling/ imaginary twin/upholstery?😀


Hi5 Mondays: Turning 4 & other stories


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Happy monday you guys!:)

I am sure it isn’t easy dragging yourself to work after a weekend, much less a valentine’s day weekend so pat yourself on the back for that. Me, I am at Vegas on work so I guess I deserve a double pat?😛 Anyway here’s what happened with the week that went by!

  1. My blog turned 4!:) I know I have been so erratic lately but this is such a big achievement for someone who has the attention span of a kid in a to store so I am glad I kept up :) 2. In case you were wondering what we were upto for V day. I wore this sweatshirt, headed to lunch with Prat and then to the airport :P v3. Making pizza at home is a great bonding activity you guys! :) IMG_0253 (1)3. My broccoli plant is doing its own thing:) I am so excited to see how this will turn out. IMG_02254. Went to Anthropologie and Prat suddenly thought we should pick up these candles! So now we are officially candle connoisseurs :P 5. A sedentary lifestyle and a work from home job is not the best combination when you have a well stocked pantry😛 So I finally got on the fitness tracker bandwagon thanks to a gift from Prat! This feels weirdly good and obsessive B)

Have a wonderful week. Stay warm/chill. YOU DO YOU !:)


Hi5 Mondays: Hello from Houston!


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Hellllooo Everyone,

After over a month and a half of silence, guess who’s back?😀 Phew I guess while I dealing with my umpteen boxes and trying to make the new place suitable for human inhabitation, I must have totally missed looking at a calendar😛 Anyway its great to be back and I do hope some of you are still interested in hearing my tales from this side of the country😀 So let’s begin the first Hi5 Mondays post for 2016 with a little about what I have been upto while I went missing

  1. Still getting used to a “work in progress” home office.Working in your PJs are great, but working random night hours not so much. But no complaints:)IMG_00222. I finally get to have SPACE, which means I also have a tiny patio where I can put my non existent gardening skills to work :D IMG_00603. Legit counter space means more space for cooking, baking and everything in between:) Just made this batch of cheddar biscuits.IMG_03924. Every weekend is at-home spa weekend😀IMG_00925. And finally, I am getting used to the fact that I HAVE A HUSBAND😛IMG_0089Have a fantastic week ahead! Remember to live a little😀



Hi5 Mondays: Goodbye New York.. only to meet again!


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Hello Everyone!

Remember I kept telling you I was swamped with everything going on and couldn’t write as much as I’d like and all of you thought I was making it up?😛 Turns out I was busy packing the past five years of my life into little suitcases to be hauled and taken across the the country to Texas! Thats right.. I am not going to be chasing yellow cabs anymore! ( Sigh!)😦I spent the major portion of my 20s in New York. The opportunity to be at the center of it all, so to speak was life changing. It has taught me to adult – to function as a self sufficient unit, to be brave and push myself to reach where I never thought possible, to make $10 meals, manage my money and to shovel my own snow😛 But all these come at a price – you also get cynical, numb, unfeeling and a little bit of a bitter meanie in the process. A bit of a broke meanie too😛 So maybe I am getting out just in time? I know I sound a little too cheerful for someone who just left the only home I’ve known in the US but now I get to live in a house that has it’s own laundry :P( Ah! The first taste of the american dream ;)) Really though, I will continue to travel to NYC on work all the time so there’s no sad good byes really!

There’s going to be highs and lows as I transition but I really look forward to this journey :)  I hope you’ll will continue to read and support me as usual. Have a wonderful week😀

PS: Here are a few images from my 1st year in NYC for your eyes only:)




How to a wear long coat when you are TINY and get away with it!


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I love long coats, those mid calf ones that threaten to engulf you … especially when you are like 4 foot tall (My husband’s words not mine:P). But that should not stop any of us not-tall folks from wearing them. Not that anyone in New york needs them yet considering you can go out in a sweater in MID DECEMBER( Whatever happened to white christmas? :P). So here’s how I made it work

  1. Button the thing and hope for the best:P IMG_6843
  2. Maybe show a peek of your clothes underneath to distract😀IMG_6851
  3. Take the thing off, and make sure you have a chunky turtle neck underneath to keep you warm Hahah TADAAAAIMG_6856On a more serious note, heeled boots and or a confident smile should do a the trick!😉 Have a wonderful day

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